Important Group add-on services

Workplace Assistance Programs


  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) – This service will assist plan members to obtain access to resources for help in anything that might interfere with workplace wellbeing, e.g. family and marital concerns, nutritional counseling, psychological issues, addictions, and so on.


  • Employer Assistance Programs – This service will assist administrators and executives with management issues related to employee wellness and productivity. Alternative Dispute Resolution training is an excellent skill that management may wish to incorporate into this program.


  • Expert Assistance Services – This program with assist in navigating the Canadian healthcare system, and insuring accurate medical advice, timely treatment, coordinating with government programs, etc. Best doctor is a wonderful second opinion service that we offer as part of all group plans.


  • Wellness Programs – These services are designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices for the prevention of outcomes requiring more costly and reactionary interventions. We offer a seminar format or on-line courses for employees.
Employee Benefits