• Our company is currently spending $500,000 a year on employee’s benefits and has been faced with annual increases in premiums of between 8% to 12% with no significant increase in plan usage from our employees. I am the CFO of Almos. I felt that accepting as a given, an annual premium increase was not acceptable. An associate referred me to GIT.  They spent a few hours with my Human Resources manager and within a week provided me with their version of how our group benefit plan could be changed. They actually changed our whole benefit funding model and made plan design changes as well. The result was a potential savings of almost $50,000 over the next 12 months. As of the time of writing this testimonial, we are tracking to realize the projected savings.

John Cabot – CFO – (432 employees)- Waterloo, Ontario

  • Our company just incurred a proposed premium increase of 30% for the next year from our broker. There has been over the past several years “excessive employee usage” of the plan. This is a problem clearly. We found GIT Solutions at a recent trade show. We provided the renewal information that we recently received from our broker to them. Truthfully, I did not think there was much could be done. Our target loss ratios where all well over 100 % . We received their proposal several days later. They immediately were able to reduce our renewal increase by 15%, and pledged to provide further savings provide we follow their proposals. I am anxious to make this work as these savings are desperately needed. Thank you.

Rob Davies – Controller – (250 employees)- Toronto, Ontario

  • I started my company five years ago, and we have been growing steadily ever since. We just began offering a group benefits program last year. Recently one of my employees had a serious accident while playing hockey. He is currently using over $3,000 of medication per month. The previous company that I worked at had a similar situation so I knew that the next plan renewal was not going to be pleasant. GIT  was the broker for my last company. I contacted them and asked them for their advice in dealing with this individual. Our current broker was also provided a opportunity to deal with issue. Mr. Ceresne from GIT provided the strategies that made sense to us. He was actually able to shift the entire claim to the Provincial Health Plan. I thought that the Provincial plan was for seniors only. We should be receiving our next renewal shortly. I do not expect any surprises. I highly recommend their services.

Jim Clairy – President, Computer Software Company (75 employees) – Brampton, Ontario

  • GIT  delivered on their promises that they made to us last year. They reduced our group benefit premiums by 12%. We used the savings to upgrade the pooled benefits and increase the dental plan maximums. Mr. Ceresne is very knowledgeable and definitely creative in finding savings in a plan. Their service is excellent. I highly recommend them.

Brian Koncarney – President, General Contractor & Drywall Company (40 employees) – Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • We are a mid-size company with over 60 employees. I was thrilled to see a refund check come back to us for over $20,000, since our claims were less than the budgeted ASO premiums. We put $10,000 of the refund in the bank. We increased our critical illness pooled benefit from $25,000 to $50,000, with $5,000 of the savings and used the remaining $5,000 to set up a health spending account for the owners and their family. Also the broker reduced our budgeted ASO premiums. I have dealt with many insurance brokers over my 30 years in business. I have never received back a refund of premiums from our broker. Thank you to GIT for providing a great group plan.

Jim Halton – CEO Window Manufacturing Company – Concord, Ontario

  • Our company recently laid off almost 50 employees due to financial reasons. We met with Group Insurance Toronto about reducing our benefits for the remainder of our employees. They made changes to our benefit plan that allowed us to stay within our budget and yet keep the plan basically intact. They also helped many of the laid off employees enroll in an individual Health & Dental Plan that provided by Manulife Financial. Our remaining employees were sure we were going to cut their benefit plan. They were shocked that we did not cut the plan. This for sure boosted the whole morale of the company.

Sandra Santori – Controller of a logistics company (130 Employees)-Hamilton,Ontario

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