How do we do it?

StrategyOur strategic approach to Group Benefits.

What is the process? What is the bottom line?

We develop a framework for plan sponsors so that they are able to evaluate their objectives against those of their employees. Employees want to know that their plan will cover medical expenses in case of injury to themselves or their family. As an employer you must evaluate the cost of providing coverage given the corporate budget allocated for this benefit. Once these two objectives are reconciled, we are able to advise on the type of plan best suited for the company and the corresponding costs to manage the plan.

We are independent

As an independent consultancy our advisors are impartial to any one group insurance carrier as we have access to the entire group insurance marketplace when and if required.

Our specialty is Insurance only

Our advisors specialize on insurance and group benefits only. This focus allows us to stay on the leading edge of industry knowledge and new products. Our clients are the beneficiary of our expertise. We tailor our recommendations to each unique set of client needs and goals, and offer value-based solutions. We keep in touch with our clients on a regular basis to ensure our clients expectations can be managed and exceeded.

Team-Based Approach.

Licensed advisors at Group Insurance Toronto work together especially on large groups, and of course with support staff to ensure that every client is managed efficiently and effectively. We are very proactive in managing an account to ensure client objectives and the employees are being met.

We can also enhance existing plans to accommodate the added needs of a management class.  

Often an employee / executive / owner will have additional needs beyond what the group benefit plan is offering. Additional life insurance or critical illness insurance may be desired. Or perhaps the company wants to add or increase the limits for Long term Disability for key executives. Sometimes we can accommodate the request within the group plan structure. Other times we will need to set up a separate policy for the individual. Regardless of the situation we will find the best and most cost effective solution for the company and the employee. (see Individual Top-Up Insurance)

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