About Us


Who We Are

We are an independent brokerage. Our advisers are experienced and dedicated to either the group insurance benefits division or the individual insurance division. The insurance products that we utilize in our group and individual insurance plans are sourced from the Canadian insurance carriers in Canada. We are thereby able to provide, on a timely basis, expert solutions for each of our clients’ needs and objectives without allegiance to any one insurance carrier. Once we determine the most cost effective benefits model for your company, or best individual insurance product, which is often incorporated into a group plan for key company executives, we will then determine the best actual benefit plan design and then finally create a timetable for the implementation of the plan.

Mission Statement

Group Insurance Toronto, strives to deliver the most cost effective Group Benefit plans and enhanced individual insurance products to its existing and prospective clients. We desire to educate our clients so that they are able to evaluate the best options available to meet their corporate objectives. We pride ourselves on being able to find an insurance solution to meet the needs of any client. There is an affordable solution for every insurance need, either corporately or individually. Our goal is to provide that solution. We have never failed to do that.

Value Proposition

Creativity is the key to creating value for the individual, employee and employer when it comes to managing their health risks.

We will provide at no cost, a complete needs analysis for our prospective clients to ensure that they are crystal clear as to the solutions we are proposing to manage the health risks of their employees and to do that within the budget allocated for this important benefit.

We promise to educate both the company and the employees on how to receive value for the premiums paid and yet maintain the cost effectiveness of the plan to ensure its survival and thus keep the group plan or insurance product in force for many years to come.

We will introduce useful affinity programs and offer other insurance products that will truly enhance the value of being a client of Group Insurance Toronto.

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